Thinking of Selling your Home?


There are many reasons people sell their home. The family may be outgrowing the home that was perfect for the couple but now children have come along and more space is needed. The family may be getting smaller; children eventually grow up and move out of the family home. The home may be more than is needed and it is time to move on.

 Presently we are seeing people who bought more home than they needed and have to move as the changing economy has made it harder to keep up with the mortgage payments. If you are facing a short sale situation make sure your agent is familiar with the process of dealing with the banks.

Whatever the reason you are selling your home, a Realtor can help you determine the best price and marketing plans for the home. Here are a few tips for selling your home.

·         Make sure the home is clean. You do not want a buyer to form a negative impression of the house because it is untidy. Organize closets, wash the floors, and clean the oven. Make your house as special as you can.

·         Complete minor repairs. We all live with certain minor items in our homes that need to be repaired and have been putting it off for a while. These undone things may give the impression to a buyer that there are more unseen things that need repair. Give the impression of a well maintained home.

·         Make the home available. Let your agent put a lock box on the house to make it more accessible. When the property is being shown it is better for you not to be there; excuse yourself for 15 to 20 minutes while it is being shown. If you have dogs or cats put them in a safe area so the home can be viewed completely. Open Houses generally do not work, they are a tool for Realtors to get buyers rather than showcasing your home. It is better to let other Realtors bring their pre-approved buyers by the house.


Work with Your Realtor They have knowledge of the market and what is selling and for how much. Price the home competitively so it will sell quickly. If a home is overpriced and on the market for a long time, it will lose the impact that it needs to make and will ultimately sell for less. You can get a market evaluation of your home for free. Just click here.


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